Adams Artist Glockenspiel GAT33

Adams Artist and Concert Series Round Top Parsifal Bells are made of high quality steel that have been custom formulated especially for Adams. The bells exactly match the specifications of the round top Deagan Parsifal bells and to match the characteristics of the 1920s American sound.

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Dimensions Low end - 56 cm; High end - 50 cm; Height adjustable - 80 - 100 cm
Keyboard Bars High-Grade Round Top Parsifal Steel Bars Octave Range 3.3 Octaves (C5 - E8); Bar Width 30.5 mm Tuning A = 442 Hz.
Frame GAT33 Glock Artist Voyager Frame - 3.3 octave. C5-E8
Bars Adams Glockenspiel Bars are made of high grade steel for the perfect combination of timbre, resonance, and tone.
Damper system Patented Reversible Damper System allows the player to set the pedal action to either dampen the bars or allow them to ring.
Dampening Bar allows traditional placement of natural and accidental bars.
Design Styled with brilliant, bright nickel plated steel resonators and clear lacquered wooden framework.
Construction Resonators feature welded construction, and are suspended from the frame on rubber isolation mounts, eliminating the possibility of any mechanical noise or vibration.

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