DW Collectors Gong Drum

The Gong Drum is a large single-headed mountable bass drum/tom hybrid that produces a very low, staccato fundamental. Developed in conjunction with DW Drum artist Marco Minnemann, DW's gong bass drum incorporates several design innovations and mounting options to better meet the needs of today's progressive players. Featuring a 21" and 16" deep, 10-ply undersized all-maple shell for increased projection, the gong bass drum is available in any of DW's collectors finish and drum hardware choices. One of two mounting options can be chosen; two TB12 brackets that can be used to mount the drum on tom stands or a rack (shown), or three Floor-tom style legs and brackets.

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  • Percussion, Speciality Drums , Gongs Tam Tams
  • GONG:2116

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Size 21" x 16"
Type bass drum/tom hybrid
Sound A very low, staccato fundamental.
Material 10-ply undersized all-maple shell for increased projection
Finish DW's collectors finish

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