Gallien Krueger 410RBH/8

The RBH Series Cabinets are designed to offer the artist the ultimate in sound quality and stage flexibility. They can be played in several positions, upright, stacked on their sides, or rocked back for close monitoring situations. A unique interlocking corner design allows the cabinets to lock together in the various positions. When used in the rocked back position, the included RBH Amp Clip allows GK amplifiers such as the 700RB to be mounted on top. All RBH cabinets utilize a unique crossover system, providing easy setup for BiAmp or Normal (full range) operation. If you have a GK Bi-Amp head, such as the 700RB you can easily gain the benefits of true Bi-Amp operation. Bi-Amp systems use separate power amplifiers for the horn and woofer, with an electronic crossover that separates the sound into highs (for the horn), and lows (for the woofer)..

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Size 18.5 x 26.5 x 23.5"
Speakon Input Connector Allows for bi-amp operation when using the Speakon-Speakon cable provided with any GK Bi-Amp such as the 700RB amplifier. As shown in the picture above, pins 1+ and 1- connect the 350 Watt amplifier to the woofers in the cabinet. P
Bi-Amp Switches the crossover between Bi-Amp, and Full Range operation. When usingthis cabinet with a GK Bi-Amp head such as the 700RB, this switch should beset to Bi-Amp mode. For operation with other mono or bridged amplifiers thisswitch should be
Frequency Response Adjusts the volume level of the horn when the cabinet is in full range mode. When used in Bi-Amp mode (as with the 700RB), this control is bypassed and the high frequency level is adjusted by using the Tweeter control on the amp front p

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