Gallien Krueger MB150E III

The MB Series is a flexible, state-of-the-art bass amplifier,designed to deliver maximum performance, and be simple to operate. This is accomplished through a
few, very important features:High current capability for better speaker control. Four bands of active equalization for precise tone control. Robust voicing filters for shaping and customizing your sound. A high headroom gain stage for low noise operation. GK.

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Power 100W @ 8 Ohms150W @ 4 Ohms
Equalizer Bass +8.5dB @ 80Hz
Lo-Mid +7.5dB/-10dB @ 500Hz, (MBE Freq. Control - 160Hz-1.6kHz)
Hi-Mid +6db/-10db @1kHz(MBE Freq. Control - 620Hz-6.2kHz)
Treble 5dB/-22dB @ 5kHz
Input Section Maximum Input Level 0.45V Rms With -14dB pad 2.0V Rms
Input Impedance 1M Ohm Send output impedance 1k Ohm; Return impedance (MBE) 70k Ohm; Return impedance (MBS) 12k Ohm

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