Korg Kronos 2 61

KRONOS restores the magic, the thrill, and the promise that only a visionary new instrument can provide. And KRONOS delivers on that promise. Every resources and technology of service to the modern musician has been refined, perfected, and integrated into a single instrument, and is available on demand. Multiple state-of-the-art sound generation techniques represent the pinnacle of software realization. Onboard effects open the door to processing any internal or external audio source with dazzling results. Multitrack audio and MIDI recording deliver efficient studio operations in a mobile platform. Hands-on hardware includes an assignable control surface, dual joysticks, ribbon controller, top-of-the line keyboard action, and KORG’s revolutionary tap-and-drag color TouchView™ display. Best of all, KRONOS integrates all of these music-making resources into a single instrument in ways that no software setup or hardware platform can rival.

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Keyboard 61 key, Natural Touch Semi Weighted
Voices Maximum Polyphony*1*2
SGX-2 - 100 voices*3
EP-1 - 104 voices
HD-1 - 140 voices
AL-1 - 80 voices
CX-3 - 200 voices
STR-1 - 40 voices
MOD-7 - 52 voices
MS-20EX - 40 voices
PolysixEX - 180 voices
Synthesis Types SGX-2 - Premium Piano
EP-1 - MDS Electric Piano
HD-1 Synthesizer
AL 1 - Analog Synthesizer
CX-3 - Tonewheel Organ
STR-1 - Plucked Strings
MOD-7- Waveshaping VPM Synthesizer
MS-20EX & PolysixEX- Component Modeling Tech
PCM RAM Capacity Approx. 2GB *4
Sampling System- Open, Sampling System
Bit Depth/Sampling Frequency- RAM - 16-bit/48 kHz stereo/mono sampling, DISK - 16 or 24-bit/48 kHz
Sampling Time RAM - Depends on the amount of available PCM RAM- DISK - Maximum 80 min stereo
Effects (Stereo in / stereo out) Insert Effects - 12
Master Effects - 2
Total Effects - 2
Timbre EQ - One 3-band EQ for each timbre/track
Effect Types - 197
Effect Presets -Total 783 preset
KARMA Controllers On/Off, Latch, Chord, Assign, Module, Control, KARMA Realtime Control Sliders [1] – [8], KARMA Scene [1] – [8], KARMA Switches [1] – [8], KARMA Wave-Sequencing, GE Sub Category, Freeze Randomize, Time Signature Control, Tempo Synchronize
Outputs (MAIN) L/MONO, R - 1/4” TRS Balanced
Individual (1-4) - 1/4” TRS Balanced
Headphones - 1/4” stereo phone jack
S/P DIF - Optical, 24-bit, IEC60958, EIAJCP-1201
USB-B - 24-bit
Inputs Audio Inputs 1 and 2 - 1/4” TRS Balanced
S/P DIF - Optical, 24-bit, IEC60958, EIAJCP-1201
USB-B - 24-bit
Damper pedal (half damper supported), assignable switch, assignable pedal
MIDI In/Out/Thru
Disk Drives - 60 GB SSD (2.5”)

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