Korg WR 01S Wi Tune

The WR-01S Wi-Tune from Korg is a wireless tuning system allowing you to tune a saxophone, clarinet, etc., in any situation, unobtrusively, accurately and easily. The wireless tuning systems come as a set, consisting of a transmitter that attaches to your instrument, and a main tuner unit that receives the wireless signal. This setup allows a great degree of freedom, letting the musician watch the tuning meter at a natural angle of sight without being tethered to the tuner by a cable.

Large, backlit LCD offers excellent visibility with pitch variance and note name shown in the large liquid crystal display for excellent visibility. Built-in backlighting assures tuning with confidence, even on a dark stage, or at a distance. The wireless status and the remaining battery amount are also clearly indicated by icons, providing this important information at a glance.

The main tuner body has a built-in microphone that allows you to tune your instrument without using the transmitter. The tuner also provides a Sound Out mode that produces an audible reference tone from the internal speaker, which you can use for tuning by ear, or for ear-training practice..

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Power Requirements Tuner 2 x AA batteries (alkaline recommended), Transmitter - CR2032 battery
Temperament Equal
Measurement Range A0 (27.5Hz) to C8 (4186.01Hz)
Pitch Reference Pitch-C4 (261.63Hz) to C5 (523.25Hz), Pitch Calibration Range - A4 = 410Hz to 480Hz (1Hz steps)
Precision Within +/-1 cent, Sound Precision, Within +/-1.5 cents
Speaker 23mm
Wireless Frequency 2.4GHz

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