Markbass Little Mark Tube 800

The Little Mark Tube solves the “tube or solid state” dilemma. The Little Mark Tube 800 goes a step further by also addressing that other perennial concern, “Will I have enough power?” The 800 watts from this powerful amp will satisfy any thirst for power, and the two blendable preamps give you the warmth and richness of a tube preamp, the clean attack of a solid state preamp… or a mix of both!.

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Inputs INPUT 1 impedance 500 Kohm, max. voltage 15 Vpp ;INPUT 2 (Balanced XLR/1/4" combo) ;BALANCED impedance 500 Kohm, max. voltage 15 Vpp, phantom power 48V ;EFFECT RETURN impedance 33 Kohm, max. voltage 10 Vpp
CONTROLS GAIN 1,GAIN 2,MIX mixes tube and solid state gain, MASTER VOLUME,LINE OUT LEVEL, GROUND LIFT (switch on rear panel) ,PRE/POST EQ (switch on rear panel) ,MUTE (push/pull on master knob) ,PHANTOM POWER switch (on INPUT 2 / Balanced)
EQUALIZATION LOW,LOW MID,HIGH MID,HIGH,VPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter) center frequency 380 Hz, VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) frequency range 250 Hz-20 kHz
OUTPUTS LINE OUT balanced XLR, max. voltage 20 Vpp, EFFECT SEND unbalanced, max. voltage 20 Vpp (pre-EQ), TUNER OUT unbalanced, max. voltage 2 Vpp ,SPEAKER OUT speakon/1/4" combo, 1/4"
WEIGHT 6.61 lbs / 3 Kg
OUTPUT POWER 800W RMS @ 4 ohms / 500W RMS @ 8 ohms
POWER REQUIREMENT 100/120V; 230V; 240V - 50/60Hz (Voltage is factory preset according to region of sale)

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