Nord Stage 2 HA76

The Nord Stage 2 features Nord Sample Library-compatibility, the B3 and transistor organ engine from the C2, MIDI over USB and more memory for your favorite sounds. All in an amazingly user friendly interface where all vital functions are only button away.

Representing a stunning new take on the famous Stage series, the Nord Stage 2 is our flagship instrument line. Utilizing our very latest sound generation technology in the three categories of Piano, Organ and Synthesizer combined with a well thought-out, user friendly interface, a choice of premium keybeds and an almost obsessive level of quality control, the Stage 2 truly sets itself apart as an instrument for the professional performing musician.

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Keyboard HA88/HA76-models- Hammer Action Weighted keyboards, Range-HA88- A-C, HA76- E-G, SW73-model- 73-note Semi Weighted Waterfall keyboard. Range-F-F, Aftertouch, Supports 3 split zones with visual LED indication
EQ 3-band Equalizer with sweepable mid. EQ ranges- 100 Hz, 200 Hz - 8 kHz and 4 kHz
Connections 4 Assignable Audio Outputs-
Effects Effect 1-Ring Modulator, Tremolo, Pan, Wah, AutoWah 1, Autowah 2, Effect 2- Flanger, Vibe, 2 Phasers, 2 Choruses, Delay- with Ping Pong (stereo taps) and Tap-Tempo, 3 types of Speaker simulations, JC, Twin and Small, Tube amp simulation with adjus
Synth Section Sample Playback synthesis- approx. 380 Megabytes of sample memory, up to 999 Sample Instruments. Analog synthesis- Multiple waveforms - including Dual Saw, Hard Sync and PWM, FM synthesis- 2 & 3 Operator FM synthesis, Wavetables synthesis- 6
Polyphony 18 Voices polyphony, Unison control- with no reduction in polyphony, Amplitude envelope, Modulation envelope, 12 & 24 dB Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Notch Filter with Resonance
LFO with 4 waveforms (square, triangle, ramp and sample & hold), 300 Patch memory locations, Arpeggiator (Up, Down, Up-Down and Random). Range- 1, 2, 3 or 4 octaves. LFO and Arpeggiator synchronizable to Master Clock, 2-Part Multitimbral
Pedals Sustain Pedal - ¼", 6,35 mm jack. Use a momentary pedal, Rotor Pedal - ¼", 6,35 mm jack. Organ Swell Pedal - ¼", 6,35 mm TRS stereo jack.

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