RAT Opera Stand

A Truly Unique Opera Stand, The Opera Stand is unique. Designed with the orchestra pit in mind, this stand has a warm touch, chip resistant black finish and is acoustically neutral. It was first produced in 1976 and is still the only music stand in the world to feature an integral light. The light output is held at the perfect distance from the music tray and is carefully controlled so that it falls on the score and nowhere else.

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Intergral Light Attach to the Opera Stand by sliding the arm of the lamp into the socket of the stand and tighten with a socket wrench.
Light Quality High Quality LED’s, state-of-the-art low voltage LEDs give exceptionally bright and even illumination over the entire score.
Light Spillage Minimum Light Spillage, Very slim housing ensures the lamp does not obstruct the musician’s view of the conductor. Precision light guides ensure excellent cut off of the light, resulting in minimal light spillage
Base Solid Base, the solid base gives added stability. Rubber feet ensure 3-point contact on uneven surfaces whilst protecting your floor and preventing clatter.
Mounting Socket The special mounting socket enables the lamp to be easily removed in seconds.
DMX DMX Radio or Powerline control, Control by the lighting desk can be by Powerline Control (when powered by our DMX PSU) or by the optional radio receiver (when powered by battery). Under Powerline Control,
Connection XLR Daisychaining, When powered by the PSU, the lights can be connected in a star configuration or in a daisychain.
Colour/Brightness Colour and Brightness Control, The colour temperature of the light can be varied between 2700K and 4000K. Brightness and colour temperature can be controlled by the musician (using the thumb wheels on the lamp), or by the lighting desk.
Power Low Voltage, Reduced power consumption and consequent reduction in air conditioning load mean this light is environmentally friendly. Over the lifetime of the product, lower electricity bills and the absence of bulb replacements costs will repay you

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