Remo Rototom Set

The Rototom Set is constructed with a rapid-tuning system, allowing for instant tuning in a range of more than one octave. The Rototom Set does not have a traditional drum shell. Instead, the drumhead and counterhoop are mounted on an aluminum frame (spoke) through which the tension rods are attached to a bottom frame which is mounted on a threaded center bolt. Rotating the frame raises or lowers the tension, thus raising or lowering the pitch of the drum. Their Versatility has led to the widespread use of Rototoms in live situations, recording studios, percussion ensembles and symphonic Concert music. Rototom Sets feature two or three Rototoms mounted on a single stand for Versatility and convenience.

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  • Percussion , Roto Toms
  • ER-0802-06

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Sizes 6",8" and 10" with stand
Material Aluminum Frame

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