Roland Fantom X7

The Fantom-X Series is the flagship of the Roland workstation family, offering musicians nearly 1GB of wave memory when fully expanded, and 128-voice performance. At the top of the vast soundset is Roland's finest 88-key split stereo-sampled piano, with each note individually sampled at multiple velocities. In addition, the Fantom-X provides room for four SRX expansion boards, so users can customize their soundsets to their specific needs and stylistic preferences.

The Fantom-X Series is the first line of workstation keyboards with a color LCD screen. Combined with an inviting icon-driven user interface, the Fantom-X has been globally heralded as the most powerful-yet-friendly workstation on the market..

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Keyboard 76 keys (with velocity and channel aftertouch)
Sampling Section Sampling Data Format - 16-bit linear (File Type
Sound Generator Section Maximum Polyphony - 128 voices (shared with the sampling section), Multitimbral Parts - 16 Parts, Standard Wave Memory - 128 M bytes (16-bit linear equivalent), Standard Waveforms - 1,480, Preset MemoryPatches - 1,152+ 256 (GM2), R
Effects Multi-Effects - 3 systems, 78 types, Chorus - 3 types, Reverb - 5 types, Input Effects - 6 types, Mastering Effects - 3-band compres
Sequencer Section Sequencer Tracks - Phrase tracks (16 MIDI channels per track) - 16, Pattern track (16 MIDI channels per track) - 1, Audio Track - 8 stereo, Tempo track - 1, Beat track - 1 * The Pattern Track can hold up to 100 patterns. Sequencer Resolu
Others Arpeggiator - Preset - 128, User - 128, Rhythm Pattern - Preset - 256 (32 groups), User - 256 (32 groups), Chord Memory - Preset - 64, User - 64, Display - Graphic 320 x 240 dots backlit LCD (Color), Dynamic Pads - 16 pads, Velocity and Aftertouch
Controllers Pitch Bend/Modulation Lever, Control Knob x 4, Assignable Switch x 2, D Beam Controller
Connectors Headphones Jack, A (MIX) Output Jacks (L/MONO, R) - 1/4 inch TRS phone typeB Output Jacks (L, R) - 1/4 inch phone typeInput Jacks (L/MONO/MIC, R) - 1/4 inch phone type,[X6/X7/X8] Hold Pedal Jack (Half Pedal recognition), [X6/X7/X8] Control

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