Roland SH 201

For musicians new to synthesizers, Roland announces the most friendly and fun analog-modeling instrument on the market: the SH-201. For synth pros, the SH-201 will remind them of why they fell in love with synthesizers in the first place. Simply, the SH-201 is a blast to play! It sounds great too, thanks to such features as Roland’s famous Supersaw waveform, resonant filter, saturation control, and more.

Great-sounding analog-modeling synth. Ultra-EZ front panel is logically designed to teach the basics of synthesis. External input for manipulating external audio from CD/MP3 players, etc. Built-in delay, reverb, and saturation effects. Arpeggiator adds instant rhythmic motion to sounds. USB port for audio/MIDI connection to computer. VSTi Editor software included for computer integration. Invisible infrared D Beam controller.

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Keyboard 49 keys (velocity sensitive)
Sound Generator Analog Modeling Sound Engine (One MIDI part), Two Tones per Patch (Upper and Lower), 2 Oscillators with MIX/MOD + 1 Filter + 1 Amp + 2 LFO + 3 Envelopers, Patch Memory- Preset- 32, User- 32
Knobs - Pitch, Detune, Pulse-Width/Feedback, Pitch
Enveloper - Attack, Decay
MIX/MOD- OSC Sync, Ring Modulation, Low Boost/Low Cut, Knob
FILTER Section Filter Type- LPF, BPF, HPF (-12 dB/-24 dB), Knobs- Cutoff, Resonance, Key follow, Enveloper- Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
AMP Section Knob- Level, Insertion Effect- Overdrive, Enveloper- Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
LFO Section LFO Shape- TRIANGLE, SINE, SAW, SQUARE, TRAPEZOID, SAMPLE AND HOLD, RANDOM, Knobs- Rate, Destination 1 Depth, Destination 2 Depth, Tempo Sync ON/OFF
Effects Reverb, Modulation, Delay, Controllers- Pitch Bend/Modulation lever, D Beam Controller
Arpeggiator Pattern template- 32, Tempo- 20
Jacks/Connectors Output Jacks (L/MONO, R) (1/4 inch phone type), Headphones Jack, Input Jacks (L,R) (RCA pin type), MIDI Connectors (IN, OUT), USB Connector (AUDIO/MIDI), Pedal Jack, DC In Jack

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