Roland VK 7

The VK-7 is a new combo organ from Roland which uses proprietary "Virtual ToneWheel" sound generation technology to deliver a stunning emulation of the vintage organ sounds of the '60s and '70s—complete with drawbars, rotary speaker simulation and amp overdrive effects..

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Keyboard Full polyphony over the entire 61-key range, eliminates negative effects of phase shifted overtones at the same pitch
Controls COSM-based rotary speaker effects with independently adjustable rotating speeds for horn and rotor, Vibrato, chorus, reverb and amp overdrive effects built in
Connector 11-pin rotary cabinet connector for connecting to an external rotating speaker
Sound 26 orchestral voices to supplement organ sounds
Combo Organ "Virtual ToneWheel" technology
Classic Organ Click noise and leakage sound can be added as desired
LCD 9 drawbars, dedicated sound selection buttons and a backlit LCD for intuitive control

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