Salvi Iris Natural Harp

Iris Natural, Professional Pedal Harps

Art, music, design, research, summing up a perfect harmony in the Iris Natural. The finesse of the sculpture enhances the natural beauty of the wood and gives style and personality to this harp. Beauty is combined with excellent performance. The tonal richness and extraordinary sound projection make it the ideal harp for soloists and orchestras.

Concert Grand Harp, 47 strings, 0 Oct. G - 7th Oct. C, Natural.

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  • Iris-Natural

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Height 187 cm / 73 5/8”
Width 100 cm / 39 1/2”
Weight 39 kg, 86 lbs
Soundboard Width 55 cm, 21 1/2”
Range 47 strings, 0 Oct. G - 7th Oct. C
Soundboard Fiemme Valley red spruce
Finish Natural

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