Selmer 1400B Clarinet

Based on the original designs of George Bundy’s student clarinets, Selmer clarinets offer construction that is built to last a lifetime. Combining durable drop forged nickel silver keys, straight cut tone holes, and a satin wood like finish, these instruments will hold up year after year.

The 1400B clarinet is designed to be free blowing, allowing students to produce a full sound..

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Features Large .590
Tone Holes Large straight tone holes, limit resistance found on undercut instruments making it easy for students to achieve a large full sound early on.
Keys Specially designed drop forged, nickel-silver keys are durable and resistant to bending.
Pinky key Wide pinky key designs make it easy for students with smaller fingers to reach.
Finish The satin wood like finish gives the instrument a sleek elegant look.
Manufactured in Built in the USA (Elkhart, Indiana), the Selmer 1400B has built a foundation of trust with educators around the world.
Key Bb Soprano, Body - Resonite ABS, Keys - Nickel Silver
Bore Cylindrical Large Bore Size, Thumb-rest - Fixed
Pads Leather, Mouthpiece - Hard Rubber

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