Technics SL1200 MK5

Like all Technics gear, the 1200MK5 is built to last. It comes with all the features you ve come to know and love in earlier Technics models, plus a few extras tailored to the needs of the pro DJ. Easy To Adjust Breaking Speed It s simple to set the breaking speed to suit your liking with the SL-1210MK5. After removing the slip mat, all it takes is a few twists of a screwdriver to go from a slow winding down to an instant halt, or anywhere in between. Non "Click" Pitch Control Smooth sliding, quartz locked, non "click" continuous pitch adjustment +/-8% and +/-16% Recessed Power Switch Recessed Power switch to avoid accidental turn off. Pitch Reset Instantly reset pitch to zero at the touch of a button. New LED Stylus Light New LED stylus light lasts longer than earlier models.

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Size 21"x17"x 9"
Weight 27.5 lbs.
Material Molded aluminum diecast cabinet and heavy rubber base material help absorb unwantedvibrations from the dance floor
Motor Very high torque motor for quick start-ups (only 0.07 seconds stop to speed)
Control Highly sensitive low-mass tone arm with gimbaled suspension
Brake Custom brake speed
Picth Control Quartz direct drive accuracy with continuous pitch adjustment up to 8%
Control Built-in anti-skate adjustment up to 6g

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