Violin Size Guide & Chart

How do you know which size violin is the best for you?
It is best to consult a violin teacher, maker or dealer , as violins come in many sizes. The best way to know if a violin fits you well is by holding the violin and placing your left chin on the chin rest. If you can hold out your left arm under the violin and with a slight bend at your left elbow, curve your fingers around the end of the scroll, then the fit of the violin is good. If you find that your fingers cannot reach the end of the scroll, it is best for you to try a size smaller..

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Violin Care Tips
Before playing, tighten your bow by turning the screw below the frog.
Rosin should be rubbed against the bow hairs before playing. Simply rub the rosin on to the hairs by moving the bow slowly back and forth against the rosin.
Once you have finished playing, you can clean the strings on the violin with a soft cloth, removing any rosin build up.
Before putting your bow away, make sure to loosen the hair on the bow.

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