Wurlitzer 200A

The Wurli 200A piano had a sound that could go from mellow and soft to hard and brash. This harder sound is what made it so popular in rock music as it could cut through a mix like a knife.

The output can then be processed and shaped through a host of modeled guitar effects pedals. On the output we give you options like a guitar amp a Leslie rotating speaker or direct for making a vast array of sounds.

The legendary Wurlitzer EP 200A was the high-end model of the Wurlitzer reed-based piano line. It was introduced in 1972 and produced until 1982.

Its sound was a little brighter than the Fender Rhodes when played softly and became more overdriven as the attack was more pronounced. This unique dynamic range, mainly due to tighter reeds, was very appreciated by funk players who could express their nuances and rhythmic playing..

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Power 40 Watts, 3 Wire Center Grounded A/C
Keys 64
Sounds The Tremelo circuit w/variable intensity
Accessories Wood Bench-with removable chrome plated steel legs, two of which have leveling glides
Pedal Sustain Pedal lifts dampers

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